Who Can Be Sued In Single Bike Motorcycle Accidents

If you are involved in a single bike motorcycle accident, you may still be able to file a lawsuit against parties that contributed to your crash.  Not every single bike crash is the fault of the motorcycle rider, and there can be any number of circumstances that point towards other parties that share responsibility.  As you recover from a single bike accident, review how it happened and work with an attorney to get the full compensation you are owed from the parties who contributed.

Who You Can Sue

The parties who might be responsible for injuries suffered during a single person motorcycle accident depends on a number of factors.  While each case is different, there are some parties that you should always look depending on the cause of your crash and your injuries.  Consider the following scenarios:

  • The equipment failed you: If you were in a motorcycle accident and protective equipment or any part of the bike failed, your accident claim will involve product liability as well as personal injury. You should have an attorney check the warranty on your bike, the tires, and the helmet as well as any paperwork by a dealer or service station that may have serviced the bike before the accident.  You may be able to sue the manufacturer of the bike, the dealer, and any mechanics whose work led to faulty equipment.
  • The road caused your crash: Environmental issues such as potholes or road debris can be responsible for your crash. Government entities are responsible for maintaining highways and roads under their jurisdiction in a reasonably safe condition. You might be able to sue your state or local government for failure to keep the road safe. If you are filing a accident claim against the government, many municipalities or government entities require a written claim to be filed with them within a short period of time (usually three or six months from the date of the accident) prior to any lawsuit being filed. Moreover, in some areas, the local government must have written notice of the dangerous condition before it can be held responsible.
  • Someone worsened your injuries:If the accident was your fault, but your injuries were made worse by the negligence of others then you may be able to file a lawsuit.  For example, if you lose control of your bike and crash into a pile of debris left negligently on the side of the road, and that debris significantly worsened your injuries, then you may be able to sue the person who left it there.

Every accident is different, and there can be other parties responsible beyond those listed.  An attorney will help you find all the parties responsible for your accident and file a lawsuit against them.

Speak With an Attorney

A motorcycle accident attorney will likely take aim at several different potential defendants, and the insurance company can help your lawyer determine who is most responsible for the crash.  If you have been injured then you need to work with an attorney and get the full compensation you are owed from all the people who caused your pain.  Most attorney consultations are free, so do not hesitate to consult with a lawyer after your accident.