TX Wrongful Death Truck Accident Settles For $16M After Driver Lies On Witness Stand

The family of a Texas woman who was killed in a truck accident settled their wrongful death lawsuit for $16 million in damages after the Pioneer Drilling Company driver who was responsible for the accident lied on the witness stand.

Texas Negligence

This Texas negligence and wrongful death lawsuit involves the family of 41 year old Kay Henson. According to an article in the Cleburne Times, Henson was driving her truck near Venus, Texas when two large pieces of of gas well equipment fell from a Pioneer Drilling Company truck driven by Daniel Armstrong. The pieces hit her vehicle and killed her. Her family sued the company and the driver. What the family's lawyer discovered next was shocking – and led to a quick, and large, settlement.

$16M Settlement

The family's Texas wrongful death lawyerwas able to show that Armstrong was not aware of safety laws and regulations about securing and transporting large loads, had received numerous driving infractions and that he and other Pioneer employees falsified documents in his employee file. The attorney also discovered inconsistencies in Armstrong's testimony and questioned him about it. Armstrong buckled and admitted that he had lied about previous testimony. In fact, the article provides the following quote from the plaintiff's attorney as he questioned Armstrong on the witness stand:

Plaintiff's attorney: 'So you’ve lied to this jury as we’ve been here today? Why do you continue to lie while this family is here who have lost a loved one?'

Armstrong: 'Yes sir. I do not know.'

After that, the judge stopped the case and the parties settled – rather quickly – for $16 million.

How Good Is Your Attorney?

One trait of a good attorney is the ability to recognize when parties to a lawsuit are not telling the truth. In this case, both the driver and the drilling company's actions played a part in Henson's death and the attorney representing her family saw it, acted on it and was able to settle the case for a substantial amount.