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Wyoming Car Accident Law, Lawyers and Attorneys

UPDATED: February 18, 2020

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Car accidents happen every single day in every state in the U.S. In a country with 4 million miles of highway within its borders, even Wyoming has its share of traffic accidents. Fortunately, there are many options available to protect yourself: seatbelts, airbags, auto insurance, and, as a last resort, the legal system. If you�ve been in a car accident, and you�re looking for help, you�ve come to the right place. Of course, if the accident just occurred, or you or someone else is injured, you should call 911 immediately. Don�t leave the scene of the accident until you�ve made sure that everyone is alright, and you have completed all the required accident reporting tasks. The information available here on has to do with understanding your legal rights and responsibilities after the accident. If you�d like more information on issues ranging from claims and fault data, to liability issues and the context behind structured settlements, take a look at the articles, resources, and links provided below. You�ll also find rules, laws, and other information specific to the state of Wyoming, as well as links to Wyoming personal injury attorneys who can evaluate the strength of your claim and provide advice on the best course of action for you.

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Wyoming Car Accident Lawyers:

Find an experienced Wyoming Car Accident Attorney at

Article: How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Special Rules for Wyoming Car Accidents:

Wyoming Fault: Proportional Comparative Fault @ 51%

Wyoming Car Insurance Requirements/Limits: Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability. The minimum level required by law is:
$25,000 per person for bodily injury
$50,000 per accident for bodily injury
$20,000 per accident for property
Proof of this liability insurance must be kept available in the vehicle at all times, including when registering a vehicle, renewing license plates, or anytime a police officer asks you to show proof of insurance.

Wyoming Small Claims Limits: $5,000

Wyoming Personal Injury Statute of Limitations: 4 years

Wyoming Auto Accidents Involving Government Vehicles: In most cases, government entities receive protection from private lawsuits under a legal doctrine known as �government immunity� or �sovereign immunity.� However, this doctrine doesn�t necessarily provide complete protection for the government. It may just impose extra notice requirements on you before filing your lawsuit. For more information on this type of government protection, follow this link to the article on vehicle accident claims against government entities. Keep in mind that, depending on which government entity, there are frequently special requirements for how long you have to notify them of your claim. See below for some Wyoming specific details:�

Requirements for Filing Against Government Entities:

1) For filing against the Federal Government: Use Standard Form 95 and follow the instructions on the back page. The form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate agency within two years after the claim accrues.

2) For filing against the State of Wyoming: Wyoming law is largely silent on issues of law relating to their state-owned vehicles. You might remember the recent news item regarding proper use of state-owned vehicles, and whether the governor and others could take these cars on their personal vacations. If you�re involved in an accident with a state-owned vehicle, the most prudent thing to do would be to follow all the general accident laws described here. Remember also that there are time limits for filing forms. You should contact whichever agency was involved in the accident for more information. Of course, also be sure to contact an attorney specializing in Wyoming car accident law as soon as possible.

3) For filing against a Wyoming county or municipality: The requirements vary with the entity, so you�ll have to contact the specific county or agencies involved. See Wyoming Personal Injury Venue below for more information on where and how to file a claim. Also, see this directory for a fill list of all public agencies in Wyoming.

In dealing with accidents involving government entities and workers, be aware that there are always special notices to be filed against the appropriate government unit responsible, whether in risk management, attorney general�s offices, or local agencies, and the time periods are limited in all cases: as little as 30-180 days after the accident to file a notice of claim. The rules for each jurisdiction may vary, so be sure to carefully check the forms linked above before you fill them out, and/or call the main office numbers of local agencies directly involved before filing your claim. Accident claims involving the government can be complicated; you don�t want to risk losing your ability to recover damages for your injuries because of a filing error. See Wyoming Personal Injury Venue below for more information on where and how to file a claim. Consult an experienced attorney right away to preserve your rights. Also see Car Accidents Involving Government-Owned Vehicles and Government Workers.

Wyoming Personal Injury Venue (Where to File Your Lawsuit): In the circuit court located where the defendant (the person you are suing) lives or does business. Alternatively, you might consider filing in a circuit court located where the accident occurred. If you are filing a claim against a government agency and are unsure of which agency is responsible, the most prudent course is to file a separate claim against each agency, or contact a Wyoming auto accident attorney.

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