NJ Family Injured In Car Accident Awarded $17 Million In Damages

A New Jersey family whose car was hit head on when another driver crossed over the center line was recently awarded over $17 million in damages – and with New Jersey’s new prejudgment interest law, that figure will increase to over $20 million.

New Jersey Auto Accident

This New Jersey auto accident injured nearly the entire family. According to news reports, the Roden family – both parents and their three young children – were traveling on New Jersey’s Route 9 when another vehicle crossed over the center line and hit their vehicle head on. All of the passengers except for the husband were seriously injured in the accident.

The family sued the driver of the other car and a jury recently awarded them more than $17 million in damages. Here’s a breakdown of those damages:

  • Jennifer (mother) suffered two broken ankles and was awarded $1.5 million for her injuries and for witnessing the trauma inflicted on her children.
  • Alvin (father) did not suffer any injuries, but was awarded $50,000 for witnessing the trauma inflicted on his children.
  • Madeline (6 year old daughter) suffered a spinal injury that caused permanent leg paralysis and was awarded $10 million.
  • Victoria (4 year old daughter) suffered head and stomach injuries requiring surgery and was awarded $2 million.
  • Gavin (4 month old son) suffered a fractured leg and a traumatic brain injury and was awarded $4 million.

However, New Jersey’s new prejudgment interest law, which provides interest from the time of the accident until payment is received, will push the award to over $20 million.

Don’t settle without consulting counsel

Car accident cases are not always straight forward – especially when there are multiple and serious injuries like those the Roden family experienced. Experienced car accident attorneys know how the system works, understand how insurance companies operate and are there to represent your best interests. When you’ve been injured, make sure to take advantage of the free consultations that most car accident lawyers offer so that you don’t end up settling for less than you’re entitled to.