New Jersey Jury Awards Injured Mom $3M In CRPS Lawsuit

A New Jersey jury awarded $3 million to a woman who developed CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) after she was involved in a minor fender bender. But what is CRPS, what causes it and what types of damages might you be able to recover?

CRPS Lawsuit: $3M Verdict Puts Spotlight On Little Known Condition

The recent $3 million jury verdict in a New Jersey CRPS lawsuit has raised some eyebrows on this little known condition. According to news reports, 46 year old Lynn Oppedisano's car was tapped from behind. There was no damage to either vehicle or the occupants of both cars, so both drivers agreed to simply forget about it. However, Oppedisano began experiencing severe pain in her neck and back only 12 hours later.

She went to a doctor, then another doctor – and another. Her condition was a mystery until a specialist got involved and diagnosed her with CRPS. She hired a New Jersey personal injury lawyer and filed a personal injury lawsuit to be compensated for her injuries – for which a jury awarded her $3 million. This case shows how important it is to seek out not only the best medical advice, but the best legal advice as well – especially in situations where an injury like CRPS isn't easily diagnosed.

CRPS Lawsuit: What Is It, What Causes It & What Can You Recover?

  • What is CRPS? CRPS is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for which there is no cure. It is a chronic and progressive disease in which the nerves fail to provide the brain with correct information. The most common symptoms of CRPS are burning and electrical (shooting pain) sensations, muscle spasms, swelling, sweating, changes in skin temperature and color, softening and thinning of bones, joint tenderness or stiffness and restricted or painful movement. In some cases, moving limbs becomes intolerable.
  • What causes CRPS? While little is known about CRPS, common causes for developing the disease include traumatic events such as an injury or surgery.
  • What can you recover? As with any injury, you may be entitled to compensation including lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and more. Oppendisano's injuries, although caused by a mere fender bender, were severe and her life will never be the same. However, since so little is known about CRPS, it's important to discuss your situation with an experienced personal injury lawyer from your state who is familiar with CRPS and is willing to take your personal injury claim to trial if needed.