Arizona Car Accident Damages: You May Be Entitled To More Than You Think

What kinds of damages might be available to someone injured in an Arizona car accident? To answer that question, we asked Dave Wattel, an Arizona attorney who has been handling plaintiffs' cases exclusively for over 20 years. According to Wattel, you may be entitled to more than you think.

Compensation for your injuries

If you are injured in a car accident, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries – and there are many forms of compensation. According to Wattel:

You have claims for reimbursement of medical expenses, and that’s not just your out-of-pocket, but the full amount of the bills. You have a claim for lost wages passed. You have claims for any other out-of pocket expenses, like hiring extra child care, paying for lawn care, etc. If somebody sustained a permanent injury, you’ve got a claim for potential future medical expenses. Maybe it’s going to impact upon the individual’s job performance in the future, thus costing them money on the job. It’s called an earning capacity claim.

[In addition], if one spouse is severely injured and it impacts upon the other spouse, you can have what’s called a loss of consortium claim, which would allow for damages to the non-injured spouse. Damages for pain and suffering [may also be available and] are determined based upon all of the factors involved in the claim.

Resolving your claim after you're well

Many people believe that resolving your claim right away is the best way to go. However, Wattel disagrees. He explained:

We are very consistent in terms of how we handle claims. We don’t suggest that a client attempt to pursue resolution of a claim until either they’re well (which is defined as - they are as they were before the accident from a physical and emotional standpoint) or they get as good as they’re going to get, but they’ve also gone through all of the forms of care known to mankind that could be of assistance in treating their injuries. They’re now at a medically stationary position and the physicians can define what future medical needs they have.

If a client doesn’t overcome injuries and is going to have future medical expenses and a potential loss of earning claim, then we’re going to hire an expert to help us calculate those claims with the assistance of the physicians involved, as well as potentially the employer or employers involved.

If you've been involved in a car accident, contact an experienced Arizona car accident lawyer to discuss your situation, evaluate your options and determine the type of compensation for which you may be entitled. It really may be more than you think.