Alabama Car Accident Attorneys: How They Help

Anyone whose been involved in a car accident knows how complicated the insurance process can be – and that’s not taking into consideration the physical, and perhaps emotional, recovery that must occur after the accident. Hiring an attorney early on can not only guide you through the process, but provide often needed peace of mind.

Avoiding tactics like the ‘quick release’

Insurance companies will often do whatever they can to avoid paying your claim or to pay as little of the claim as possible. They do that in a variety of ways, but the most common is by obtaining a quick release. Dana Taunton, an Alabama attorney whose practice focuses on product liability and personal injury matters, explained this practice in a recent interview:

The most important thing that automobile accident victims should be aware of is the quick release. Insurance companies may want you to sign a document releasing them of all claims for a small amount of money very quickly. Many people don’t fully understand how this affects their rights, so having an attorney review that document is very important. They’ll do it in a heartbeat and you’ll never know what you’ve signed away.

I’ve seen this happen too many times. We’ve had to turn down many good cases because of it and people are shocked when they realize what they’ve done by signing these releases. In most cases, they say that the insurance company never explained it to them.

I’m certainly not saying that all insurance companies do this, but some do and injured parties lose their rights to recover. So, it’s important to protect yourself by understanding what you’re signing.

How to hire the right attorney

Hiring an attorney is very different that hiring the right attorney for your situation. Just as doctors specialize in different areas of medicine, attorneys’ practices focus in different areas of the law. So, before hiring an attorney, make sure to ask some important questions. Taunton explained, “I would ask what type of law they practice. If you’re in an automobile accident, you don’t want to hire someone who mainly practices real estate law. It sounds simple, but it’s really the same as hiring a doctor. If you’ve got a broken arm, you want to see an orthopedist – not a dentist.”

“I would also ask how long they’ve been practicing in this area of law and find out about the contingency fee contract as these can be set up in different ways. You want to be sure that there aren’t any unanswered questions or surprises at the end of the case.”

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, consult with an attorney whose practice focuses in this area of the law to discuss your situation. Consultations are free, without obligation and are strictly confidential. To contact a qualified attorney, please click here. We may be able to help.