Recalled GM Cars Still Causing Accidents – Are You At Risk?

Despite the GM recall, fatalities have continued to mount due to the faulty ignition switch found in millions of Chevy Cobalts and Saturn Ions. Recalled GM cars are still causing accidents. Are you at risk? If your vehicle is one slated for recall, the answer is likely yes.

GM Liability Post-Recall

Two incidents in March were attributed to malfunctioning ignition switches. Nearly a month after the GM recall was first issued, a 12-year-old girl in Mississippi and a 27-year-old law student in Virginia were both killed in separate incidents related to the faulty ignition switches. GM liability for these car accidents seems likely—despite the fact that the GM recall was initiated prior to the accidents.

The GM recall centers around millions of ignition switches that can erroneously signal vehicle systems to interrupt steering operations and airbag deployment. While car accident fault and products liability law are two separate areas of the law, it seems clear that GM liability could be based on both, particularly if accidents continue to occur.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced As Quickly As Possible

Drivers of affected vehicles should have been notified of the recall shortly after it was issued in February. GM has set up a special website to provide important ignition recall safety information, including the exact vehicles affected by the recall and customer assistance numbers for Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn vehicle owners. If you own one of the affected vehicles, it is essential that you take your car in for servicing. As proven by the most recent fatalities, only the mechanical correction of the faulty switches will reduce the risk of injury or death.

Legislators, pundits and consumer advocates agree that until the recalled vehicles are repaired, the potential for injury or death is still present. In an interview with the Reuters news organization, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal echoed the sentiments held by the public at large, stating that there is “abundant evidence that these cars are risky to drive until they are repaired.” 

Protect Your Rights

Car accident fault is often contingent upon a driver’s negligence. In the case of the GM recall, however, GM liability will be based upon a manufacturing or design defect, as allowed by products liability law. Injured drivers—whether driving one of the vehicles identified in the GM recall or injured by one of the vehicles when the ignition failed and struck another car—will need to seek experienced legal counsel to ensure that their rights are protected.

If you are driving a vehicle that is part of the GM recall, get your car repaired as soon as possible. GM vehicles are still causing accidents, and unless you obtain the necessary repairs, you are at risk.